Hey there, my name is Matt. I am shooting this video as a customer testimonial for AWOL Academy. At this time, I am not an affiliate. I am just sharing my experiences I’ve had so far with AWOL Academy. Where was I before joining AWOL? Well, I am a college flunkie, I am a college graduate, and I’ve been working in customer service for nearly half my life. Not too long ago I was working in member service at a local credit union taking phone calls, helping people with their questions, their concerns, and their frustrations. Working day in, day out taking back-to-back phone calls. It really started to take a toll on me.

Deep down I knew that this wasn’t my purpose in life. I knew that I was meant for something greater. I’ve known for a while the power of the Internet combined with automation and creating passive income, but it wasn’t until I found AWOL Academy that I’ve truly started to understand the power of an online business. You see, Kameron and Keala have created a holistic educational approach to creating an online business. They start you off by going through a coaching process and they ask you a series of questions.

They get to know you on a deeper level and they see where you’re currently at and where you’re looking to go in life. That was something that was really important to me because if they don’t understand what my goals are how are they going to help me get there to achieve them? Not only do they truly care about your success, but Kameron and Keala are very compassionate and caring people. I’ve personally met both of them and I can say that they are honestly down to earth, real life people. They’re not afraid to hold up the mirror and help you push through your fears, frustrations and struggles so that you can reach your goals in life. I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at and where I’m going and it’s all because of AWOL Academy.